Inspecting Before Purchasing

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Inspecting is one way you can do to learn about the quality of a used car you want to purchase. This will rid you from any possible problems that might come to your way when you eventually use the vehicle. One of the important features that you need to thoroughly inspect is the body of a used car. Doing this will give an idea if you will still pursue to buy the car.

Be guided by the following facts to help you inspect the car body of a used car that you will spend your money for.


This is a major issue when it comes to used cars, especially in places where salinity forms in the body of the car during winter season . Unless a used car is properly rust proofed, it will still show manifestations of rust even if it is used for even les than five years. You will see some rust spots anywhere on the car’s body. Rust spots may be temporarily repaired; thus if corrosion process started already then stopping it is already not a good option.

Reflection Speaks A Lot

The fastest way to spot signs for paint job or body repair is to consider looking at the car body’s reflection. This will reveal some essential actions you need to take in order to obtain the beauty of your car’s body. It may also give you an idea about the current age and condition of the car, thus giving you a hint whether or not to buy it.

Check the Body Panels

Intently look at the body panels if they all fit together. For instance, if the doors are closed, they must be perfectly levelled with the other panels of the car. The same idea goes with the trunk lid, hood, and other panels.car_check

Comparison of Opposite Sides

If something does not look right, you may consider comparing it with the other side. This will help you locate if there are areas that must be repaired or restored. But you may not easily see it by yourself. Seek th aid of your trusted mechanic for better evaluation.

Viridian-Joule-mismatch4Check for Difference in Paint Texture and Mismatched Colors

You should feel the paint surface of the used car thru your hand. If it is an original paint there must be a perfect smoothness. If it is a repainted panel, it will have a slightly uneven and rough feel. Comparing colors is also effective in evaluating the blend of different panels. To do this, you will have to look at different angles.

Look for Overspray Paint

In a factory, the body of a new car is painted before installing anything. It means that wiring or plastic trim must not have any indications of paint. This way, you are sure that there is no ‘overspraying’.

Check the Bolts

To do this, you need to open the body of the used car and then check the bolts that hold hood hinges. The bolt should be properly placed and sealed. This implies that the vehicle have never been touched.

If you find the above steps difficult on your part, you may ask for the assistance of your trusted auto mechanic.

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