Scam Alert Upon Purchasing Used Car

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Used cars are gaining popularity due to their low cost offerings as compared to new car models. Because of their commonality, however, it is not surprising if there are sellers who will engage in a scam just to gain money from a used car for sale. That is why it is important for every buyer to be very careful in purchasing used car.

In this article you will find some scam alerts that you will remind you about the  proper way of negotiating with a used car seller. Keep on scrolling down and know more about a used car scam.

In case you intend to visit a seller for a test drive and they did not allow you to drive, begin to think. It is an indication that the seller might be unreliable. If this is the case, you better stop the transaction . Unfortunately, there are some buyers who pay the entire amount (cash or check) without driving or even seeing the vehicle they have paid for. Worse, they do not even ask for receipts!

Scam-AlertYou may also check the garage floor or driveway for signs of fluid leak. Rust-colored stains may indicate leaking tanks and vessels. Brown or black stains and puddles show oil leak. Purple puddles may show transmission fluid leaks. The seller may possibly lie regarding the car by simply convincigly saying that the car does not leak. However, the driveway will never lie.

You may ask the seller to honestly point out the identified issues about the car. The light of the check engine must not be turned on. This is due to ten fact that it may indicate wide range of problems. It will be best for you to ask for an extended warranty of a vehicle and if it can be transferred to you. It is important on your part to verify this. Ask the seller to bring the used car to your personal mechanic for proper checking. If your mechanic says ‘no’, there must be something that the seller tries to hide from you.

Most private sellers do not know how to price a used car. This is the reason why whenever you give an offer, they will feel insulted and even tell you that you are asking for a price that is very far from their selling cost. You may ask an expert car dealer if a car is really worthy of the price you ask for.car_banner_bg_new

Be prepared to negotiate the price that a seller offers you especially if it is obviously not worth the price a car should have. If you walk away and the seller holds you back, well, you finally caught him. This is simply an indication that the seller is giving a price more than the right value of the car. If this is the case, never entertain it because he is probably hiding greater problems about the car. working-conditionIn short, the seller is not a reliable one. Therefore, there is no reason for you to stay and deal with him. However, if you have done the necessary evaluations and you have found out that a used car suits your need after a test drive, you may buy it. Just be sure that you’ve really checked every detail of the car. Also, never forget to ask for a receipt.

In order for you to get a good deal, you must consider these strategies. This way, you can guard yourself against any used car scams. If you ask more questions, you are the one in control of the conversation. Keep asking difficult questions to the seller in a professional and polite manner.

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